About us

The legend of the "Golden caskets" everyone knows who appreciates jewelry and is an expert in the rocks. Our Ark in 1994 to please its customers fine quality jewelry from the most famous manufacturers in Russia and abroad. Our network of shops "Golden Ark" are located so that to them it was convenient to get to. Each of our caskets - this is the magic of comfort, beauty and stunning jewelry.

The peculiarity of our jewelry stores in the fact that we are a rich assortment as the possible selection of products, and in the price range. We offer classic collections, fashion designers and famous fashion houses - the whole range is constantly updated. You can find everything you want.

Every jeweler "GOLDEN chests» welcome you with unfailing kindness, professional advice to help you find a piece of jewelry that is suitable for you. Any piece of jewelry that you like, if you wish, you can try on. We will surprise you high quality jewelry and best prices.

For the convenience of customers, we provide a variety of services: watchmaker, interior colors and packaging of jewelry purchased in the gift, jewelry shop, where buyers can repair the product, brush, change its size or place an individual order on his own sketches.
At the request of customers jeweler provides professional consulting gemologist, appraiser's services, the sale of goods on credit or installments.
Choose your "Golden Ark".