C inception in 1853, the brand Tissot as "innovators by tradition" is a leader in the field of innovation and watchmaking. Today Tissot is a company of Swatch, which is the largest manufacturer and distributor of hours. The company's headquarters has always been in Le Locle, Switzerland - City watchmakers in the mountainous province of Jura.

Many watch companies, including the Swiss, but not all are truly good quality. Why are quality watches of famous brands Swiss expensive? Quite simply, the best quality mechanical watches are collected by hand, and it is very time-consuming process.

Further, I note the mechanism, the quality of the dial, alloy shell, glass is a work of art. And most importantly, that this is not just an accessory, but the fact that this watch is exactly will be passed by inheritance grandchildren and great-grandchildren, it's worth it. Moreover, such clocks are not fall in the price, but rather in the course of their value increases, especially if the bounded fly clock collection. So through the years, 10-15 years, bought the clock in good condition are much more expensive than they were originally purchased.

Today Tissot is represented in more than 160 countries. Tissot's leadership in developing innovations provide high-tech products, special materials and advanced functionality. Having the widest and most flexible range of hours of high quality at an attractive price than any other Swiss watch brand, Tissot thus expresses its commitment to making excellence accessible.

As the official timekeeper and partner of FIBA, AFL, MotoGP ™, FIM Superbike, World Championships of cycling, fencing and ice hockey, Tissot cherishes the traditions, emphasizing its core values ??- quality, accuracy, and the development of new standards.